Enough about them, let’s talk about me.

308074_10151505846777065_2023666829_n So this bit is all about me, this by the way is me sporting my “quizzical” look.

You’ve probably already worked out from the title of the blog I’m a parent and there in lie’s the age old problem, yes I am a mum and yes of course my children are a massive part of my life but yes I would like to think there is more to me than being “just a mum” but worry that there may not be, and before anyone bites my head of I know there is no “just” about being a parent, but apart from trying and mostly failing at being supermum, this is my life.

As Martha and the Muffins so succinctly put it, “my job is very boring, I’m an office clerk”, if you’re too young to remember this song you may be too young to read this blog!

Yep I work in an office and yep I sometimes feel like a key pushing monkey and wonder where I went wrong, I was a classic case of big fish in a little pond syndrome. High achiever in a lovely old fashioned primary school who went on to be a mediocre high school student, averagely intelligent but inherently lazy.

So to cut a long story short, 5 highers, a couple of aborted college courses and several retail and admin jobs later here I am working part time in an office. To be fair I work for a great company, have great hours which fit around the school day (every parents dream), have a wonderful boss who is endlessly accommodating and some wonderful colleagues  so what am I moaning about?  Answers on a postcard please, the desire to be pushed or challenged? Maybe, but part of me has never grown out of that lazy student, so for the time being better the devil I know.

So when I’m not working or parenting and that of course is the whole rest of the blog which we will of course come to, I tend to be carrying out my dirty little secret… my name is Heather and I’m a comper.

For those not in the “comping” world a “comper” is someone who enters competitions on a regular basis, we have our own forums, our own terminology, wem (winning e-mail), wtc (winning telephone call), to name a couple and our own addiction, entering competitions.

I can’t remember when I started or what my first win was but I do know I spent way too much time entering on line competitions, however it is not all wasted time, we have had fridges, hoovers, cash and a years supply of wine (which did not last a year) to name but a few wins. We have also experienced things we never would have without competitions, a trip on a disco bus for the kids and friends with free entry to a soft play place, the chance to feed penguins at St Andrews Aquarium, an eight course taster meal with paired drinks (give me pizza hut any day) ,

seanand the chance to appear on a red carpet with Sean Connery see left, honestly that’s me in the pinky/brown dress behind him and his wife!

So I work, I parent (for parent read, feed, cloth, amuse, comfort, transport etc, etc) and I comp, oh and for anyone wondering what most people do when I tell them about my little hobby there are lot’s of places you can find these competitions but I favour the Martin Lewis Website.

So that in a  nutshell is me oh apart from the party girl, oh ok I’m no party girl, despite years of practise alcohol and I are not friends, yes we talk regularly but we never get on the next day. One of the very few unexpected upsides to separating from my children’s father is getting probably more time to myself than most parents do. We work an alternate weekends system and it has taken a very long time to stop feeling like I have lost a limb every time they go to their father’s and to gradually accept and even (ssh don’t tell anyone) enjoy some of the time I get, so Mr B and I get the chance to socialise with friends and family which is nice, I’ve even fulfilled a life long ambition to dance on someone’s shoulders at a festival (see below) but will probably not last much longer, my daughter has already dropped to one night a fortnight at her fathers due to lack of space and a desire for home comforts and closeness to friends and that is fine by me but begs the questions which maybe some other parents may have the answer to, should you keep making them visit the other parent or let them choose??? If anyone has the magic answer please share.



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