Meet the Simpsons


So this is us, me Heather aka mum, mummy, MUUUUUM. Rachel (also known as Roo, Rachie-Roo) 10 going on 18 and James-permanently-attached-to-a-screen Simpson age 8, Mr B (the shy retiring type so don’t expect pictures), handyman extraordinaire who keeps my feet on the ground and a smile on my face and of course Thomas, possibly the laziest feline to grace this planet.

We are I think a normally family who do normalish things (all families have a donkey of happiness, right?), we do cubs, guides, drama classes, dramas in general, attempt to bond when kids can be removed from gadgets and I can be removed from my laptop, I know pot, kettle, black but do as mum as say’s not as she does and all that.

This blog hope’s to chart a little of life’s every day ups and downs in the 21st century and the bits the parenting manuals never covered, how to react when your daughter’s first attempt at make-up results in a cross between Aunt Sally and Coco the Clown, how to tell a creeper from and enderman (if you still don’t know ask stampy longnose), and the bigger issues like when the kids no longer want to stay at their dad’s, we’re still working on that one!

It will hopefully be a fun, interesting read that most parents can relate to and give their thoughts on the subjects covered, happy reading.

Oh and Happy Valentines day


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