Information overload


So the kids went back to school after half term today and so far I have had

  • 1 email to tell me my daughter will be getting cycling proficiency lessons this term (much to her disgust).
  • 2 texts, 1 telling me above cycling lessons begin tomorrow and appropriate clothing should be provided and 1 telling me parent teacher interview appointments are in schoolbags.
  • 3 forms, 2 of which were above mentioned parent interview slips and the other a form to complete to agree to my son being photographed as part of a healthy eating initiative by a well known supermarket (naming no names but they’re saving you money everyday).
  • 1 party invite in my daughters school bag.

I have also received an email from my daughters guide group reminding me of upcoming events and that her term fees are now due and also that they need volunteers to serve tea and cakes at a church service on Sunday.

Not to be left out my son’s cub email arrived with forms to be completed for cub camp and a request to let them know by email if he will be attending so they can update their email group.

So I have packed the outdoor clothes for cycling lessons and placed them in child number one’s schoolbag. Luckily this reminded me child number 2 needed outdoor clothing for Tuesdays after school jogging club which is now also packed (unlike last week) along with a completed form allowing him to be used as free publicity for the corporate giant in exchange for an apple.

I have marked the times for the parent interviews on my organised mum wall calendar (complete with columns for each family member including the cat) along with the date for Rachel’s makeover party and texted the appropriate mother to thank her for the invite and confirm our attendance. The party invite and parent interview slips have been stashed in the handy folder at the back of said calendar for future reference. By the way if you don’t have one do check them out here.

I have written the cheque for the guide fees and popped it in an envelope (and dropped the appropriate child off at guides with it), responded to say much as we would love to serve tea and cakes we are otherwise engaged this Sunday and moved the email to the sub folder in my inbox marked “Guides”.

I responded to the cubs email to say yes James would be attending camp, marked the date on the calendar, printed off the form, wrote the deposit cheque and placed them in an envelope to be delivered to cubs on Thursday (could someone please remind me this is on the dresser when I start looking for it in a panic in 3 days time), and again moved the email only this time to my sub folder titled, yes you’ve got it “cubs” (clever eh).

So now I intend to sit down for 5 minutes with a cup of tea before I pick child number one up from guides no doubt with a handful of forms and informations leaflets.

All this and it’s only Monday, do you get PA’s for parents?



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