Dressing Up Is Childs Play

Last night my daughter came home from guides to tell they have to dress up as a Disney character next week as they are having a Disney themed Thinking Day celebration, so now I have less than a week to make a Pongo outfit, I’ll let you know how it goes.

It got me thinking about our previous dressing up attempts, we rarely do the shop bought costumes for 2 reasons, 1) I quite like the challenge of seeing what we can come up with (remind me of that when I am sweating over a dalmatian get up) and 2) I am a skinflint and refuse to spend a fortune on the latest Frozen outfit which will be worn once then chucked in the back of the wardrobe.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration on do it yourself outfits here’s some we made earlier with a brief explanation of what we used, I’m no Vivienne Westwood but the kids (and me, give me a themed party any day) liked them and I think they look ok.

School Projects

Most schools these days celebrate world book day (March the 5th this year) and ours is no different, a few years ago they went with a Gruffalo theme, so this is what we came up with.


The Mouse – Luckily we had a tracksuit in just the right field mouse colour, we added.

  • Pink ribbon from craft box pinned on as tail
  • Daughters own pink hairband to which I attached cardboard ears coloured in brown and pink
  • Mouse face paint

Total cost – £0.00 (as we already had all the bits and bobs)

The next school project we had was for a Viking themed feast, after a quick google to see what Viking women wore Primark pretty much covered the rest.

  • One vikingsmall ladies size smock top (bought on sale from Primark)
  • One larger size ladies vest top (as above)
  • A purple shawl already in the house
  • Black belt from mum
  • Celtic style necklace from mum

Total cost – £4.00

Thank you Primark


Halloween is obviously the big one for dressing up and we’re no exception, so here are just some of our efforts.

rachel16draculazombie bride (720x960)hogwarts

The Cat – one of the simplest and cutest halloween  looks for little ones, use any black clothes, we used legging and a long sleeved t-shirt, add white socks on hands and feet and a set of ears and tail (you can get these for about £2 at all the supermarkets around halloween) and face paints for nose and whiskers and voila!

Vampire – couldn’t be easier, school trousers and shirt, set of fangs and a cloak (again £1 or £2 from the supermarket), and of course the obligatory face paint.

Zombie Bride – This was my daughters request this year and was a bit trickier. Luckily granny supplied us with an old underslip (ask your granny!), which we tore and marked with paint, it was a little revealing so I popped a white shrug cardigan of mine on top (no this was not allowed to get ripped or painted),  my sister had already passed on her actual wedding veil for the dressing up box, so this was used along with a shop bought princess headband where we painted the roses black. Again a bunch of fake flowers were dipped in a mix of black and white paint we had at home to give that lovely dead look and finally of course the zombie body paint.

Hermione Granger (The later years) – Not to be left out I opted for this look at halloween, my own black pencil skirt and white blouse, my son’s batman cape and school tie, and a printed out gryffindor school badge pinned to my cloak. Thomas (aka Crookshanks) did not remain part of the outfit for long!

Themed Parties

I love a good themed party and this year a good friend had an “American High School” themed 40th, so not to be left out, here’s how Mr B joined in the fun as a Jock.


Start with some car sponges (there were actually 4), place 2 sponges on shoulders and cover with american football shirt (we got a cheap one at Sports Direct), shove another 2 sponges up the sleeves of shirt, add your grannies head square as a bandana and some good old face paint, easy! I think he loved his new found machismo.

Hopefully these have given you some inspiration or at least some fun, we certainly had plenty fun making and wearing them, would be great to hear everyone else’s dressing up ideas and I’ll let you know how we get on with Pongo.


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