Thumbs Up For Heads Up? – App Review

If your kids are anything like mine trying to drag them away from their gadgets can be hard work, so in the spirit of “if you can’t beat them, join them” I thought we’d try out a gadget based game for the whole family.

Heads Up is similar to the board game articulate, where one person has to guess what the others are describing with the added fun of videoing the people doing the describing or acting out of the words.

There are several categories to choose from such as “Superstars” or “Famous Families”, the player guessing holds the phone away from them so they cannot see the word and the describer has one minute to get through as many words as possible, every time you get an answer right you tip the phone forward and it moves on to the next word, if you’re stuck tip it backwards and you “pass” to the next word.

At the end of the minute you get your score and a video of the person doing the describing which you have the option to share on various formats such as facebook and youtube.

It is produced by Warner Bros and is the brain child of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, here she tell’s you a bit more about it.

The app is free on android and costs £0.79 on apple this gives you the basic categories and many more can be bought from between £0.58 – £0.79.

So what did we think?

This was a good fun game for all the family but we found the free categories a little limiting for children, the “Just For Kids” and “Act It Out” categories worked well, but even for the adults some of the topics were tricky as it seems to be very much aimed towards an American audience with celebrities and programmes we hadn’t heard of.

A great way to pass the time if you are waiting somewhere and have your phone to hand and I’m sure there will be lots of amusing videos made by adults playing this after a few vino’s.

Overall we gave it 3.5/5

Why not give it a shot (it’s free after all) and let me know what you think, and you can always share your videos to my facebook page too.


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