Childrens T-Shirt Design Kit – Review

I am always looking for something new to do with the kids on a wet afternoon (and living in Scotland we have a lot of those), which will drag them away from games consoles and engage their imagination.

So when these t-shirt design kits from arrived it was the perfect opportunity to get creative.


The pack comes with a fruit of the loom t-shirt, fabric pens and your choice of iron on transfer (with choices such as Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Princess and many more) and a set of instructions on how to decorate your t-shirt.

The t-shirts are good thick quality and a good size, I normally have to buy at least one size bigger in clothes than the kids actually are as I find things are made so small and did the same with these but needn’t have as for once the age sizes seemed to be far more accurate.

After a quick read of the easy to follow instructions we set to work. James chose a Spiderman transfer and after ironing the t-shirt so it was crease free and trimming around the transfer we placed the t-shirt on a towel on the kitchen table (a hard surface rather than an ironing board is recommended) and got to work ironing on the transfer, it took 90 seconds and 2 minutes later we were able to peel off the backing and hey presto!


After that the real fun began when the kids were let loose with the fabric pens, Rachel decided against a transfer and just went freehand with her design. We placed a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirts to save any colour from bleeding through to the other side but to be honest the t-shirts are so thick I don’t think we needed it however it gave a nice surface to draw on.


The kids loved being let loose with the fabric paints and it really got their imaginations going. James found the pens a little tricky to use but soon found that putting a little paint on a plate and then using a paint brush to apply it worked well for him. Rachel soon got the hang of them and was able to create the design she wanted.

The paints take up to 5 hours to dry totally and then they are ready to go, you can hand wash them but the instructions advised you to wait at least a week after painting to do this.

We had great fun doing these and it kept the kids quietly at the table for almost an hour (a new record), they are good fun and would make an ideal activity for a kids party with the kids having a personalised present to take home instead of the usual party bag.

Our Top Tips

  1. Test the paints out on scrap piece of fabric so you can get the feel of them to get the right pressure when squeezing them.
  2. A piece of cardboard inside the t-shirts stops the material moving about and gives a good surface to work on.
  3. The t-shirts are a good size so don’t order bigger than you need.

And the finished product…

017To have a shot yourself visit buytshirtsonline


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