Spot the Difference?

You may remember last week my daughter came home from Guides to announce that this week  they were to dress up as their favourite Disney character for a special themed Thinking Day.

No Cinderella or Snow White for my girl, at 10 going on 18 that was far too girly, no she wanted to be Pongo from 101 Dalmations so after a quick panic and then a slightly longer shopping spree, some hastily applied fabric paints and a little bit of cutting and sewing it’s  now time for the big reveal, please remember I am never going to be on The Great British Sewing Bee but I do my best.


But first here’s how we did it, we took;

  1. 1 pair of white leggings (Primark)
  2. 1 long sleeved white t-shirt
  3. 1 pair white socks
  4. 1 pair black socks
  5. Plain head band
  6. Black fabric paint
  7. Strip of red material (from the rag bag)
  8. Foil from a chocolate coin (I disposed of the contents in my tummy!)
  9. Face paints


A pair of my sons old school socks were sewn onto a plain plastic hairband to make an uncannily realistic (ok similar in poor lighting) pair of Pongo ears. A strip of red material was cut from an old jumper and the gold foil was wrapped around a cardboard circle and attached to make Pongos distinctive red collar and name tag. A little face paint and we were done, can you spot the difference?



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