Going Back To My Roots? – Never!

My name is Heather, I’m 5’2″ (same height as Kylie but that’s where the similarity ends) with blue eyes and blonde hair, wait scratch that, blonde looking hair! It has in the past also been, raven black, chestnut brown, mahogany, various suspect shades of copper and in one disastrous home streaking attempt, straw yellow with shades of vibrant orange.

naturalreddarkdownload (1)

Yep I’m a hair dye junkie, I’m not sure I remember exactly what colour my natural hair is, it’s not been that shade since I was about 14 and that is too long ago to recall but I do know I’m not ready to go natural yet (who knows what may be lurking under there.)

I have used sachets of semi permanent dye which while not permanent on my hair definitely left a permanent impression on my cream carpet and bathroom grouting! I’ve tried gels and mousses, and even pulled strands of hair through one of those plastic caps in an aborted attempt at home streaking which resulted in and emergency hairdressers appointment. In my younger days I used Sun-in and lemon juice to lighten my hair but in my older days I have learned that there is really no substitute to getting your colour done by a good professional (no that doesn’t mean your bezzie mate after one too many Pinot Grigio’s!).

However hairdressers can be expensive so I try and limit my appointments but in the meantime I have found a new saviour.


A sample of Loreals Mousse Absolue was sent to me a couple of years ago now to try out as they were launching it in the UK and while to say it has changed my life may be a slight exaggeration it has certainly changed the way I dye my hair forever.

So what’s so great about it, it’s a hair mousse like lots of other hair mousses out there is it not?

Well no, for starters it’s great quality, it gives a good coverage, natural colour and doesn’t seem to damage my hair but the main difference is it’s reusable and so easy to use.

Unlike other hair dyes where you have to faff around mixing the colour with the developing agent in this case Loreal does it for you, the two cannisters are connected, so all you have to do is apply the diffuser lid, shake the can and press and the mouse is automatically mixed as it comes out of the dual canisters, brilliant!

This also means that when you are done you just put the normal cap back on and you can re-use the remaining mousse anytime, I normally get 3 applications from one can, hence the slightly higher price than other one use dyes (£10.99 at Superdrug or at most chemists.)

The mousse is thick and drip free and after 30 minutes rinses out, a quick application of the high gloss conditioner supplied and your back to blonde (or whatever other colour you fancy).

One day I’ll grow old gracefully, but till then thank goodness for Loreal.


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