Youtube To The Rescue

A few weeks ago my son came down from his room carrying an old chess board and asked me to play a game of chess with him, you can’t play chess, I replied (what a negative mum I am), he insisted he could and went on to ask my other half if he would like a game.

As Mr B has infinitely more patience than me he agreed. The last time I had played “chess” according to James’s rules it was somewhere between a game of checkers and skittles with pawns and rooks flying everywhere as James rampaged his way across the board attacking pieces in a Pokemon battle style.

So it was with great surprise Mr B and I watched as he not only set up the board correctly but went on to play a fairly decent game of chess. Had my son turned into a child genius overnight? No he’d been watching Youtube videos on how to play chess and taking it all in and he has only got better since. 006 I’m not a big youtube fan myself and just don’t get the desire to watch videos of dogs falling down stairs or cats jumping out of boxes, though I will confess the infamous trampoline video filmed somewhere in Scotland during horrendous storms still has me in stitches every time (if you still haven’t seen it just search for Trampoline crazy winds).

Both kids have access to Youtube with age restrictions through tablets and have spent countless hours watching Stampy aka Stampylongnose , Stampy Longhead or Stampy Cat (please just pick a name and stick to it) and his partner in crime iBallisticsquid‘s instructional videos on Minecraft. I did what any sensible parent would do, invested in two sets of headphones (lovely as the Yorkshire accent is I can only listen to so much talk of Creepers and Red Ore) and left them to it.stampy Youtube though it turns out has it’s benefits, not long after the chess incident my daughter was given her first loom band kit, for anyone new to loom banding it’s the art of attaching hundreds of tiny little fiddly elastic bands together to make various bracelets and charms and then sucking many more loom bands which have been left lying all over the place up your hoover until it jams!

Everyone was doing it, so it must be easy right? Wrong, we laid out the loom and the instructions and selected our bands, we followed the instructions for the simplest bracelet, wrapped it round the loom, went to remove it from the loom, and… it fell to bits. Several frustrating attempts later I advised Rachel she would need to speak to some of her more experienced looming friends to find out how it’s done.

No need, a quick search of Youtube and my daughter is now fully versed in fishtail (inverted and normal), starburst and infinity design bracelets, not to count charms for every occasion (I got a wine glass and pizza slice keyring charm for my birthday, she know’s me so well). Apart from the fact that she has now adopted a slightly whiney American accent (the best Youtube loom banders are apparently all from the states) it saved me many a frustrated evening wrestling with tiny elastic bands. 005 In fact Youtube it seem’s has now become our go to guide for just about everything, when James or Mr B are stuck on a particularly difficult part of a computer game – Youtube, when I recently upcycled and old dresser and needed to know how to apply chalk paint – Youtube, learning how to add gadgets to my blog? – you guessed it Youtube.

Our next household project is to fit new flooring in the bathroom, something neither Mr B nor I have ever done, so Youtube search here we come!

Here’s a handy youtube clip I’ve come across recently, it really works, give it a shot.


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