Kids Crafts Leave You Stressed – Here’s The Answer

Kids crafts can be messy, sticky and down right stressful, so when Rachel suggested we make a stress ball she’d seen on Art Ninja it seemed like the perfect solution.

It’s quick, simple and best of all mess free (well as long as you don’t spill the rice!)

Here’s what you need.014

  • 2 balloons (different colours)
  • Some dry rice
  • Clingfilm
  • Scissors
  • Marker pen

Cut a square of clingfilm about 25cm and place 3 tablespoons of rice in the centre. Scoop the corners of the clingfilm together and twist into a sealed ball.

Next cut the end off one of the balloons, leaving just a little bit of the neck and stretch it over the rice ball.

004     006    009

Take the second balloon and cut the neck of the balloon off this time taking it right down to the where the main circle of balloon start.

Stretch this balloon over your rice ball making sure the loose end of the previous balloon is fully covered.

Draw on a face and hey presto your own squidgy little stress ball, we made ours a little ninja in tribute to Art Ninja.


This was so much fun just making it relieved any stress but it’s always there for next time the art work gets a bit more messy.

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6 thoughts on “Kids Crafts Leave You Stressed – Here’s The Answer

  1. This is great! ha ha I definitly could do with one of these especially when filming my vlogs gish its so stressfull to record and get a craft done!!!

    Thanks for sharing with #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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