The Butterfly Club – Book Review

If you are a parent of a daughter under the age of 14 and you haven’t heard of Jacqueline Wilson, where have you been?

Jacqueline Wilson is the author of over 100 much loved books aimed at young girls, including the infamous Tracy Beaker books (now adapted into the long running CBBC series).
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A quick glance at my daughters room and bookcase show that she is a big Jacqueline Wilson fan and her 100th book Opal Plumstead was top of her Christmas List, so when she was asked to review book 101 The Butterfly Club she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it.

The Butterfly Club is a story about triplets, Tina, Phil and Maddie. Tina was born with a heart defect which has effected her growth leaving her tiny and delicate and not afraid to play on this. She has always been protected by her siblings and family, that is until she starts junior school and is separated from her sisters and made to sit next to Selma Johnson, the scariest girl in school. But when teacher Miss Lovejoy asks them to work together making a butterfly garden things take an unexpected turn.

Here the author herself tells you a bit more about the story.

So here’s what Rachel thought of The Butterfly Club

006 I enjoyed this book, like other Jacqueline Wilson story lines it features a family with problems and how they deal with them.

When Tina finds something she is good at and her sisters aren’t she starts to grow apart from her sisters and become her own person.

It shows you that bully’s sometimes have their own problems and you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover.

It started a little bit slowly but then a lot happens in the last few chapters. A nice book probably best for about 6 – 9 year olds.

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2 thoughts on “The Butterfly Club – Book Review

  1. I’ve never read any of her books but have heard she touches on some emotive subjects! Sounds great for introducing touchy subjects to tweens and teens #weekendbookclub


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