Make Mothers Day Special With Made With Love (review and discount code)

Everyone knows mum’s are special but sometimes we forget to tell them, so Mothers Day is the excellent opportunity to show them what they mean to you.

My mum always insists we don’t get her gifts at birthdays and Mothers Day because she has all she wants and also because she would rather I spent my money on her grandkids.

She does however appreciate a heartfelt card so this year I checked out some Mothers Day cards from Made With Love.

Made With Love are is an online boutique and design studio based in the UK who make cards for all occasions as well as wedding stationery and gifts that are just that bit more personal and special than the one’s you might find on the high street.

011The First thing I noticed about the cards was the quality, you can immediately tell that these are well made, the card is thick and each card has as satin finish insert page where you can choose to have a printed message or leave blank for your own words.

This arty design with it’s touching message “I Love You To The Moon And back Mum” comes in at £3.50 but for an extra £2.00 can be personalised like the one pictured below.

There is so much room to make these cards your own choice, you can choose to have it delivered to yourself or directly to the recipient and also choose and envelope or card presentation box.

mooncard1My favourite though was the Alice In Wonderland card, this gorgeous card comes with a bold design and clever wording, and the lovely red ribbon and envelope detail make it stand out from your average card, magical!


This should keep me in mum’s good books for another year!

Mothers Day Cards are available to order right up till noon on Friday 13th March in time for delivery before Mothers Day and as an extra special treat I’ve got a 30% discount code for all of my blog readers which can be used right up until that time.

Just enter the code NOTINTHEMANUAL30 at checkout for a little Mothers Day treat from me to you!

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4 thoughts on “Make Mothers Day Special With Made With Love (review and discount code)

  1. I love receiving and giving personalised presents and cards for special occassions. It’s that extra special touch and i always think it means more x thanks for linking up #WhatsYourWeekend


  2. Glad you posted this I was looking for something just like these cards. Was hoping to receive something similar too tehe!


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