Twinkl Twinkl – What a Star (Learning Resources Website review)

Ever since my kids where babies I have been interested in things that can enhance their learning while still being fun, I remember painstakingly cutting out black and white designs to hold in front of them as babies as I had read it helped develop their vision.

As they got older I was always looking for interesting things to do with them that would help them learn but not feel like work so I was delighted to be asked to review Twinkl a primary resources website with over 200,00 unique resources.twinkl

Although primarily aimed at nursery and primary teachers this site is also ideal for home schoolers or any parent looking for something to spark their kids imagination, aid their reading or numeracy or as we discovered just have great fun.

I had already signed up for a free account on the site before being asked to review it, there are three levels of account the free account which allows you access to the majority of the resources, the Gold account at £29.95 for the year which gives you access to even more resources, rewards and offers and the Premium account at £44.95 a year which gives you access to all the resources, offers, rewards, support and the great Create facility (more about that later).

The only question was what to try first, there was so much choice but the first thing that jumped out at me was Minecraft, the building game phenomenon loved by boys and girls all over the world. Twinkl has masses of Minecraft resources, although these might not be the most educational of resources we tried out they are a great fun art and craft activity,


Just pick the activity you want, hit download, print it off and away you go, we chose a Minecraft pig to download, stuck it to some card, I did the cutting along the marked lines, the kids did the folding and sticking and we now have a whole host of Minecraft characters adorning the house.


Ok next for something a little more school related, both kids have been discussing healthy eating at school so after a quick search I came up with a great wordsearch they could do, not only did it make them think about what they’d been doing at school, they enjoyed it and it even got a little competitive over who could find the words first.

Although the site has loads of stuff aimed at the classroom there is also so many fun things that can be used at home, whether it’s just for play, for learning or to manage behaviour, it is full of powerpoints, activities, flashcards and templates, for everything from behaviour charts to I Spy games. The next thing the kids asked to try was a beetle drive type game called Roll and Colour aimed at recognising numbers and shapes, I thought this might be a bit young for them but they loved playing it, just shows you sometimes they are interested in other things apart from their latest DS game.


I could honestly go on and on about the amount of great things we found on this site but for fear of boring you will try not to, however for homework work or general learning activities that are fun and interesting I would highly recommend it, both kids were sent to school with fun fact cards about their individual class projects China and WW2 and received brownie points from their teachers (I also learned a lot I didn’t know particularly about the war).


Whatever you are looking for Twinkl seems to have it, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there is always the Create tool. Create allows you to use templates, words and pictures to make just about any learning tool you want, from flash cards to room labels, just customise them exactly the way you want and print them off.

The other thing I liked about the site is the active forum it gives you access to, full of teachers, home schoolers and parents discussing the resources and exchanging ideas and information on learning tools but also on a whole range of other topics like what books their kids enjoy and where the best days out can be found.

I’m really glad to have found Twinkl and know where my go to site will be when the next school project is announced, why not give it a shot I bet you’ll find something to fire your imagination.

Visit or join their facebook page for more information.

Twinkl Primary School Resources    What's Your Weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Twinkl Twinkl – What a Star (Learning Resources Website review)

  1. These look great, I have just recently signed up. Always used Twinkl as a teacher but never thought to use it as a parent! x


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