Infinity Drake: The Sons of Scarlatti – Book Review and Giveaway

When we were offered the chance to review John McNally’s  – Infinity Drake The Sons of Scarlatti (book 1) my son jumped at the chance. After all anything with a ringing endorsement from his favourite author Derek Landy (author of the Skullduggery Pleasant series) on the cover was good enough for him.

This is the first in a series of books featuring Infinity Drake (or Finn to his friends), son of a mathematician (hence the name, it was either Infinity or E=MC2) and nephew to mad scientist Al. It is great fun, action packed and full of witty references to make parents and kids laugh out loud, my son particularly liked Al’s reprimand to Finn that “this isn’t an x-box game this is a life and death situation”, now where has he heard that  before (ok maybe not the life and death bit).


The story follows Finn and his Uncle Al as they get caught up in a fight against a power mad villain determined to take over the world with a mutant bio-weapon – The Scarlatti Wasp.

What to do? Shrink a crack military team to take on the evil insect of course, only all does not go to plan and Finn ends up 9mm tall, well leading to fun, thrills and adventure on a tiny but also epic scale!

Want to hear a bit more? Here’s the trailer

James loves science and maths (he is a huge Stephen Hawking fan) so the sci-fi element of this book was totally up his street but you don’t have to be a science geek to enjoy this book, it has action, fights and a power crazed evil villian, what more could a boy ask for? James (age 8) did find it quite complicated to start with and perhaps a slightly older child might get into this a bit quicker but he soon got to grips with it and is looking forward to Finn’s next adventure.


Infinity Drake: The Sons of Scarlatti is for sale now from Amazon and other book retailers but we have a copy to give away to one lucky reader, just click on the rafflecopter link below to enter.

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