Thomas’s Turn – Petshop.Co.Uk Review

Everythomassone else in the family has had a chance to review something so now it’s Thomas’s turn.

Like most cat’s Thomas loves to sleep, chase things, sit in odd places (see picture) and EAT!

So when we were asked to review an online pet food delivery website we were happy to give it a try.

Talented as our little ginger boy is he has yet to master the skills of a keyboard so I’m going to have to interpret this one for him, so here we go.

First of all a confession, I am bad at shopping for pet food, it’s heavy to carry so I get it in small amounts then panic when I realise I am on my last pouch and end up resorting to any cold meat, tuna or chicken I can find in the fridge until I can get to the shops, and when I to get to the shops there’s not an awful lot of choice in the supermarket, so poor Thomas ends up with the same old tins, so much so he has started to turn his little pink nose up at them! removes the problem of carting heavy tins and packets back from the shops as it’s delivered direct to your door, delivery is free if your order is over £19.99 and can be delivered on a day that suits you, even a Saturday!


As well as cat’s,uk cater for all kinds of animals, dogs, birds, fish and small pets, they sell grooming products and toys as well as a massive range of different pet foods (over 100 brands).

Our package arrived well wrapped and after a quick sit in the box (what is it with cats sitting in things?), Thomas couldn’t wait to try out his tasty treats.

The first thing we tried out was the Applaws Chicken selection pots, oh my goodness I don’t know what we’ve been feeding Thomas up till now but it obviously has nothing on this, I struggled to get a picture as he was in and finished the pot so quickly. The most notable thing about it was it looked like real food, not processed lumps off undetermined meat in jelly but it was obviously real shredded chicken with rice (not dissimilar to things I have served up to the kids in the past!), and Thomas was obviously impressed, I think this may have to be added to my repeat orders.


Thomas normally get’s some dry food in the evening for something to nibble on at night, but he tends to be a bit take it or leave it about his biscuits so I was interested to see what he would make of the Hills Science Plan Optimal Care Chicken Dry Cat Food (certainly sounds impressive), and with antioxidants meant to promote a healthy immune system I was all for it, so it would seem was Thomas. Curiosity if not killing the cat certainly made him very impatient while I opened the packet and let him at them, another big hit so it would seem. They actually looked a lot moister than most cat biscuits I have seen and passed the Thomas test first time.


Every good cat deserves treats and Thomas is no exception, so when he had been particularly good (ie had brought me no mice and not scratched my tights) I rewarded him with the Natures Menu treats we had been given. The fact that he later tried to break into the packet I think says it all, they got the Thomas seal of approval, and if you hurry some of them are on sale at the bargain price of just 2p!


All in all Thomas loved all the tasty treats from but for me the main appeal is the opportunity to stock up in bulk without having to leave my home and get the products delivered at a date of my choosing. I compared the prices to a few other supermarkets and pet shops as I thought you might pay extra given the free delivery but I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the prices seemed to be comparative if not less than the others I could find.

From what I saw on the site and the people I dealt with, this seems like a genuinely friendly, pet people sort of web site which I’ll definitely be using again (ok Thomas you can stop biting my toes now, I said we’d use them again 🙂 )


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