Battle Of The Beasts (House of Secrets, Book 2) – Review

If you (or your child) like action packed, gruesome, fight filled fiction, look no further. The second in the House of Secrets series by Chris Columbus, Battle Of The Beasts follows the 3 Walker children as they summon the Wind Witch and embark on a battle which will take them through time and place from Ancient Rome to World War II.

The historical references are engaging without feeling like a history lesson and these were the favourite part of the book for my daughter, she loved the strange mountain monks and the descriptions of the Roman Colosseum.


The book is full of magic and mayhem and was maybe just a little too fast moving for my daughter who likes to get caught up in an emotional journey with the characters, though she did identify with the two older children as she is very much the caring older sibling type like Cordelia with a younger brother who sounds very like Brendan (just swap the PSP for a DS and they could be one and the same).

I think reading the first book would be an advantage when picking up this novel as although she found it fun, my daughter also felt it was a little confusing trying to pick up the storyline, it contained just a little too much blood and gore for her taste, her brother on the other hand thinks it sounds right up his street.

House Of Secrets: Battle Of The Beasts is for sale now on Amazon and at other book shops.


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