Is It a Juice, Is It a Water? – It’s Imune Nurture! (Kids Drink Review)

This week we were given the opportunity to try out a drink designed especially for children which has been designed to be a healthy alternative to other sugary options out there.


Imune Nurture comes in two flavours Strawberry & Cherry or Orange & Pineapple, it is made up of 50% water and 50% fruit juice from concentrate and contains no sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. It’s big boast though is that is because it contains vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, calcium, zinc, and Wellmune beta glucans it helps fussy eaters get their recommended daily intake of these, it also claims to help build children’s immunity against germs and infections.

I’m no scientist and without prolonged use of the product it’s impossible to say if we found this to be the case, but anything that doesn’t container sugar and sweeteners and also has added vitamins sounds good to me, but what did the kids think?

We had hoped to take it on a picnic, because the non rigid pouches and resealable lid would be perfect for slipping in a bag, unfortunately this is Scotland and picnic weather is limited to three days normally in September so home it had to be.


Unbeknown to me Rachel had already tasted this at a friends house and when she saw it couldn’t wait to get her hands on it, she chose the Strawberry and Cherry, and after a little struggle with the non spill spout (younger kids may need help with this, you need to push the spout in first then suck) she was off. Rachel is a big fan of flavoured waters and pronounced this delicious.067

James tried the Orange and Pineapple and and found it a little strongly flavoured but after his first drink we decided to pour it into a glass and add a little water to dilute it, this seemed more to his taste, but both decided the Strawberry and Cherry was their favourite.

If you are looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to juice for picnics or packed lunches these are definitely worth a try, there rrp is £1.99 for 4 x 200ml but if you hurry I just noticed they are on offer in Tesco just now at 2 packs for £3,  I do love a bargain!


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