Just Kidding – April Fools For Children

Tomorrow is one of my favourite days of the year, April Fools Day. I’m a bit of a big kid and love a practical jokes, so I love April Fools and the kids have come to expect some sort of surprise every year, here’s a couple  I’ve done before and this years plan (but shhh don’t tell the kids).

Frozen Breakfast Cereal

Two years ago I found an Aprils Fools idea online that I couldn’t wait to put into practise, it’s pretty simple but really effective.

Some people suggest making up a bowl of cereal with milk and popping it in the freezer overnight but not being one to waste food (or money) I did it slightly differently.

I filled two cereal bowls 3/4’s full with water and placed them carefully in the freezer overnight. In the morning just add a small layer of milk and cereal and watch the kids faces as they attempt to dig into their cereal only to find it rock hard, simple but great fun.


Cheerios (or Weetos etc) On A String

Ok so I said these were some pranks I had tried, I didn’t say they were all good! This one wasn’t the best and certainly wasn’t worth the time it took to set up.

Again I had found this online, the idea is to sellotape a piece of string to the bottom of the cereal packet then loop the string through all the cereal in the box and attached the other end again to the bottom of the cereal packet so it is one long loop of cereal attached to the packet.

When the child pours the cereal in the morning it will “hilariously” remain attached to the box when they stop pouring! What it didn’t say was quite how long it takes to thread a box of cheerios onto a string (a long time) or that when your child does pour it they will come out with an extremely unimpressed expression like “oh is it some sort of puzzle?”

For The Adults

However much more fun was the fact that I had a friend round for a little drink of wine the night before April Fools last year and being a responsible person she abandoned her car outside my house to collect the next day, well really that’s just asking for trouble.

I quickly searched the web, found the below image, printed it out in big bold colours, cut it out and affixed it to the outside of her car windscreen.

policeSadly I wasn’t there when she picked up her car but the message she left me on my phone was colourful enough for me to know she had been well and truly fooled, she’s forgiven me though (I think).

So back to the kids, this year I couldn’t find anything tried and tested so I had to come up with something altogether new, I call it…

The Fake Snack Trick

Every day I pack a morning snack in the kids school bags but tomorrow it will be slightly less tasty.

I got a good Scottish Tunnocks (of the Commonwealth Games fame) Caramel wafer and carefully removed if from the wrapper.

Next I got a piece of polystyrene packing foam and cut it to the same shape as the biscuit, placed it carefully back in the wrapper and added a note just to point out they had been fooled (does that make me evil?


I re-wrapped my dummy wafers and now they are safely hidden waiting to be placed in school bags for tomorrow, but don’t panic I won’t starve them, I’ll pop a real snack in too.

Here’s the before and after pictures, can you tell the difference?



2 thoughts on “Just Kidding – April Fools For Children

  1. The cereal one hahah would love to try that but my boys 4 soon dont htink he would find funny side to it. Now the tying up all the cheerios wow that must of took a very very long time to do. Hahah the last one now that so funny could you imagine if they wasnt paying attention when unwrapping and then went to bite into it. Cant wait till my boys older would love to try something :)!!


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