Easter Comes Early – Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

The way Easter has fallen the last few years the kids have stayed at their Dad’s on Easter Sunday and yet I still get guilted into preparing an annual easter egg hunt for them which we had this morning knowing full well they will have another one on Sunday but who am I kidding I love it too, so if you’re struggling for ideas luckily for you we can share our early easter egg hunt.

Picture Hunts

For younger kids who can’t read clipart is great for printing off picture clues, try some of these and pop the eggs in a dressing gown pocket, inside a trainer or in the washing machine.


Poem Hunts

In the past I have found poems using websites and there are some good ideas on sites like Netmums but I  usually have to adapt them to suit and a lot of them are quite American, so this year I just ad libbed, feel free to steal or adapt any or all of it as you wish!

The first part of the poem was left by their pillow for when they woke up and then each clue lid to a small egg with another clue.

Good morning, Happy Easter, it’s time to have some fun,

I’ve left you both some clues, Love the Easter Bun x                                  001

Let’s get hopping then, here’s your starting clue,

It’s where mummy gets the bags, to make her morning brew.

(the tea caddy)

The next one’s somewhere chilly, with cheese and milk insight,

Open up the door and you will see the light.

(the fridge)

Now to warm you up, give yourself a rub,

And if that doesn’t work try getting in the tub.

(the bath)

I hope that didn’t get you wet, but if it did don’t howl,

The next hiding place will dry you off, it’s where we keep the towel!

(the airing cupboard)


Now you’re nice and dry, it’s time to get go get ready,

But just before you do, why not visit teddy?

(with teddy)

Get your clothes on, brush your hair,

and don’t forget your underwear.

(underwear drawer)

Now you’re ready we’re nearly done, but remember life is not all fun,

Help your mummy with the chores, get this out to clean the floors.

(the hoover cupboard)

I’ve hope you’ve liked your Easter game, there’s one last egg to trace,

It’s where we like to jump around, a very bouncy place.

(the trampoline)

003Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Easter Comes Early – Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

  1. another idea is to draft out an egg trail in the form of a London Underground map. Participants are a human train and ‘stop off’ at various points around the house and garden


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