Rechargeable Electric toothbrush by ToiletTree – review

Since I developed gingivitis (no nothing to do with my natural strawberry blonde colouring), the gum disease during my first pregnancy I have used an electric toothbrush on my dentists advise and would find it hard to go back to a manual brush.

I have used two big name brands in the past my first one eventually gave up the ghost and was replaced with the one I know use but which I find doesn’t give me as good a clean as my original so when I was asked to test and review the Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush by ToiletTree Products. I was happy to give it a go.


First for some technical info.

  • The pack comes with the brush, charging base, 2 heads and a battery powered travel toothbrush, like all electric toothbrushes I 058have had you will require a shaving adapter or shaving socket for the plug.
  • It oscillates at 8,800 oscillations per minute (that sounds fast).
  • It has a 2 minute timing sensor so you brush for the time recommended by dentists.
  • It has a regular clean and sensitive setting for a firmer or softer brush.

So what did I think?

At first002 glance I thought this looked a bit more minimalist than other brushes but the smooth and modern looking design (it comes in black or white) soon grew on me, it is comfortable to hold and unlike my old brush has no annoying nooks and crannies where you get that horrible toothpaste build up.

The most important thing though was how it was to use, I really liked the small round head and felt it got in all the little gaps. On first use the brush stopped a couple of times but I soon realised this was because I was applying too much pressure (not good for your teeth) and soon got into the hang of it.

The two minute timer is great, the brush stops automatically after the two minutes. I am always bugging the kids to brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes but had no idea how little I was doing until I used this brush. At first I thought the timer was faulty because it seemed to take so long but I even timed it and it’s spot on, so it’s definitely made me more aware of how long I should be brushing for.

My teeth felt great after using this and I couldn’t stop running my tongue over them like when you’ve had a scrape and polish at the dentists. I charged the toothbrush fully when it first arrived and two weeks later have not had to charge it yet, so hopefully it won’t need too much charging.


The other bonus is the mini battery powered travel toothbrush which comes with this, it takes a triple A battery (not provided) and has two speed settings, while not as powerful as a rechargeable toothbrush for someone who is used to an electric toothbrush this is ideal for trips away. I normally just take a manual toothbrush on holidays and find my teeth never feel clean like at home so this is perfect. I tested it out on our recent trip to Glasgow and loved it, it  also comes with a handy lid so you don’t get the rest of your toiletries covered in toothpaste.

I would highly recommend the Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush by ToiletTree Products available from Amazon, I think it’s a well priced, effective product and I will be sticking with this instead of my old brush.


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