Prints With Feelings – Review (Gifts That Show You Care)

I love a personalised gift, that’s why Mr B got a specially printed mug with several daft pictures of my own lovely mug this Christmas,  emblazoned with the caption “Love is… loving this mug”. I know what a lucky guy! he did get other present too!

There’s something special about a personalised gift which shows you’ve put some thought and effort into the present rather than grabbing a box of chocolates from the supermarket aisle or even an expensive bottle of perfume from the local chemist (though both of these are always appreciate if you are reading this Mr B).

It’s unique to you and your loved one’s, so when I saw an opportunity to review a personalised print from Prints With Feelings I couldn’t wait.

Just over a year old Prints With Feelings was started when Paul Panayi was looking for the perfect moving in present for his partner. Weirdly enough I had  gone through a very similar process last year when Mr B moved in and made a picture using scrabble letters linked together to spell out our’s and the kids names, if only I’d thought to make it into an on-line company! But then it had taken me three frustrating attempts, much muttering under my breath and still managed to end up squint, so maybe not.


The first print they suggested was the beautiful Family Tree print, which you can customise with your families surname along the bottom and then add in as many family members names as you want in the hearts placed amongst the branches of the trees.

It comes in several colours and you can move the names around until you have it just as you want, an ideal wedding anniversary gift or house warming present. The only problem for us was not being Mr & Mrs (hint, hint Mr B) we would have needed two surnames so instead we opted for the Home Sweet Home Print.

Again this print gives you the option to select colours and styles but the lovely house shaped design also gives you the freedom to mess around and add whatever words you want. Words that are special to you, such as in our case candied carrot’s, Elvis and Rewind (you’ll need to read the rest of the blog to find out why!). So words and colour scheme selected all I had to do was wait, and here it is.


I love it! It’s smart, cute and so personal to us as a family, yes the kids and even the cat managed to sneak in there.

The print itself looks really fresh and well made and the black frame set’s it of well. There are several options when buying, they come in at £14 unframed, or £28 with a frame in either black or white. Personally if I’d been buying this for my own home I may have opted to go for the less expensive unframed version and frame it myself but as a gift getting it framed might be the best idea.

I had thought about keeping it as a surprise for our 2nd anniversary in July but couldn’t wait to show Mr B who was equally impressed, now all that remains is to decide where to hang it (my scrabble effort may get relegated from beside the front door!)

Prints With Feelings also sell personalised; mugs, cards, cushions and a whole lot more, definitely one to bookmark for those special occasions.


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