Garden Games – Great Ideas For Fun In The Sun

The sun is shining (a rare occurrence in this part of the world,) and my son is currently out in the back garden killing zombies with the boy from down the road. The zombies are pieces of cardboard and the weapons, water pistols. It is making me smile to see how much fun they are having with just  the simplest of things. Though if my nearly dry washing get’s soaked I won’t  be smiling.

It also reminded me of the fun we had last year when Scotland was abuzz with the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow. Mr B announced we were going to hold our own garden games and set too using the contents of our garage. From buckets, cardboard and the kids toys he invented a series of disciplines for us to compete in, sounds fun? It was. Here’s what we did but the possibilities are endless. I will point out though that some events may not be officially recognised by the Commonwealth committee – yet!

The Shot Putt

Using a large sheet of cardboard and various shaped pots and containers, we marked up a points system on the target backboard. Fewer points for the smallest containers and bonus points for the tricky top shot.

A line was marked to stand behind and each contestant was given 3 balls to attempt to get into the targets.


The Shooting Range

003 - Copy

Nerf guns were deployed for these events, starting with the same targets we used for the shot putt we then moved on to a wild west style tin can alley.

Note to parents this may involve having to partake in the drinking of lager or cider to provide targets, the things we do for our kids!


Crazy Putting

Plant pots were again put into use as the “hole” and obstacles and ramps were fashioned from cardboard and bricks. We had 3 different holes and each player got a one putt shot at each hole.

007 - CopyAs well as being great fun, we also made it a little educational (I know what a boring mum I am, but I don’t think the kids realised). They helped measure out distances from starting lines using measuring tapes and took a tally of scores. They were responsible for adding up their totals, though I kept a close eye for any sneaky extra points. Mostly though it was great fun and just shows what can be done with some junk out of the garage (if you’re anything like me you’ll have plenty) and a bit of imagination.

And finally I don’t think the Commonwealth have adopted this event yet but they definitely should, in fact who do I write to, to suggest it?

Jammy Pancake Eating

I had meant to make this chocolate doughnuts but the corner shop was out of all baked products apart from pancakes, so pancakes it was. I made a small hole in the centre of each pancake and threaded a string through it. For extra messiness I smothered the pancakes in jam and tied them from the sporting apparatus, ie the whirlygig.013 - Copy

On the starters orders contestants had to eat their whole pancake hands free in the quickest time, one game I could finally win!

014 - Copy
The Winner!

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