There’s Been A Murder! – Review

This Saturday my home was transformed from it’s normal semi detached self into Felthorpe Manor for the Reading Of The Will of the late Duke of Felthrope. The Duke had been discovered dead in his bath, electrocuted by his own electric fire in a freak accident…or was it?

The Butler

Murder Mystery Games is a website where you can buy the plots to 7 different whodunnit style party games and I was lucky enough to get the chance to review one for them. What better excuse to get the girls round for some food, drink and intrigue. The games cover various plots and are suited for different group sizes, ranging from 6 – 200. You can read all the introductions on the site and once you’ve selected the game you fancy, you make your payment (by credit or debit card) and a password will be issued to you to allow you to access the full game.

You will then be able to download character notes for everyone, a running order and various exhibits and clues which are required throughout the night. Be warned you will need a lot of paper and access to a printer (or preferably your works photocopier) as it does take a lot of printing.

I must confess I was slightly over whelmed with the amount of instructions and paperwork but as I discovered on the night, just follow the running order and it all comes together. Everything you need (except pens and paper for note taking) is in the pack.

The Lawyer

Invites were sent out the week before advising my guests which character they would be playing and suggesting they dress appropriately.

This is not compulsory but does add to the fun and helps you get into the spirit of it.

It is also suggested the game be run over the course of a meal with certain sections being timed around courses. However I am a lazy host and we found it worked just as well over drinks and nibbles.

Once everyone arrives and are given their name badges and notes the fun begins. Secrets are drawn out, clues are revealed and the mystery really begins.

Posh but dim!

Who was blackmailing who? Who knew each others dirty secrets? And who stood to gain from the Duke’s Death? Everyone has there own little story and you have to keep your wits about you to take it all in and work it all out.

Everyone agreed this was a great evening and something totally different. The plot managed to include everyone and had twists and turns a plenty.

They are also cleverly written to take into account a couple of last minute cancellations (there’s always someone!) Even the hostess doesn’t know till the end who committed the crime which means I was as confused as everyone else (nothing new there).

A great night was had by all and I even managed to guess the murderer (no I didn’t cheat). We did feel that some characters had quite a lot of reading to take on and one guest did suggest the possibility of  a DVD or online character to read certain bits out during the proceedings? (though this would obviously make it more expensive and may not be an option depending on location.) On the whole though it was a fab night, which left everyone in tears of laughter, well all except the maid who still isn’t speaking to the nurse, oops!

Visit to find out more.

Family Fever


6 thoughts on “There’s Been A Murder! – Review

  1. Great review Heather sounds like you had lots of fun! We had a murder mystery dinner party here too on Saturday night. 8 of us round the table, very few of us had a clue!! As you say though its something different and good for a laugh. I will check out the website.


  2. I must admit I’m rubbish at this sort of thing – I lose concentration or just don’t think laterally enough!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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