Thomas Tucker Popcorn Review

Popcorn – what’s not to love, tasty, filling and low in calories. So imagine how excited I was to open my review box of popcorn from Tommy Tucker and discover all these goodies.

001This is Tommy Tuckers new Thomas Tucker Flavoured range. Already well established for their popcorn and candy floss in cinemas throughout the UK. Tommy Tucker have recently launched this range of more grown up flavours which will be hitting supermarkets very soon.

As a family we have tended to veer towards the salty side of popcorn but we were intrigued by the new flavours and couldn’t wait to get started, first choice was the Caramel Summer Fruits. I think we went for this first because it sounded so different to anything we had tried before and looked it too…pink popcorn!

It was really tasty and you could actually taste the fruits, Mr B went so far as to be able to tell me without looking at the pack that it was strawberry and cherry that made up the flavours – he was right. This was quite sweet and a small portion was enough but great for sharing, though I did keep going back for more.

Smoked Cheddar Cheese – this I have to say was my least favourite, being too much like a cheesy crisp for me. My daughter though loved it and went off with it as her school snack to share with her friends who all seemed to love it too. So definitely worth considering as a playground alternative to crisps.

Luxury Toffee – Oh so tasty. I took a large 200g bag of this into a work meeting and within 20 minutes the bag was empty. Even those who started off by claiming they weren’t popcorn fans were soon converted. The toffee really does seem different to other toffee popcorns I’ve tried, lighter, less chewy and prone to stick in the teeth, and very, very moreish.

This is before and after!

009      010

Chilli & Lemon – I served this up as a girls night in and it was the perfect savoury accompaniment to a glass of prosecco. Everyone commented on the subtle flavouring and the bowl was soon emptied. A nice (and less calorific) alternative to a bowl of nuts.

Coconut Toffee – We saved this one till last as we had a feeling it might be our favourite and we weren’t disappointed. Mr B is a huge fan of all things coconut anyway but this was a massive hit with both of us (sorry kids they didn’t get a look in). It’s hard to describe but the taste is not overpowering just a pleasantly sweet toffee and then you get the coconut, oh heck just try it yourself, you won’t be sorry.

The new Thomas Tucker Range is available in Cineworld, Vue, City Screen and Empire cinemas throughout the UK now if you can’t wait for it’s release in supermarkets and will also be available at very soon.


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